Friday, December 19, 2008

Criminal Investigation Bureau II

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) is responsible for

1.the planning, supervision and assessment of crime prevention.
2.the planning, supervision and assessment of crime detection.
3.the planning, supervision and assessment of hooligns control.
4.the planning, supervision and assessment of violation of judicial police affairs and social order maintenance laws.
5.the planning, supervision and conducting of criminal identification; examiation of evidence.
6.the planning, supervision and utilization of criminal records.
7.the communication and coordination of international criminal affairs; detection of international criminal case.
8.the planning, purchase and maintenance of the equipment for criminal investigation and identification.
9.the supervision, education of criminal investigation police; public relations and service.
10.the collection, transmission and utilization of criminal information; the planning, supervision of wiretape.
11.collecting, comparing and identifying ten prints and latent prints.
12.the anatomination, examination of forensic DNA pathology.
13.the research and development of forensic science.
14.the research, planning, developing and processing of criminal information systems.
15.the plan, coordination and communication of INTERPOL RADIO.
16.the command, report and control of criminal cases; coordination with other institutes.
17.rendering assistance to the investigation of major crimes.
18.the planning, supervision and implementation of bomb prevention; the assistance in inspecting bomb scene.
19.other related matters concerning the supervision of criminal investigation police.

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