Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Contracts - Requirement of Meeting of Minds II

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第 153 條
Article 153
When the parties have reciprocally declared their concordant intent, either expressly or impliedly, a contract shall be constituted.
If the parties agree on all the essential elements of the contract but have expressed no intent as to the non-essential elements, the contract shall be presumed to be constituted. In the absence of an agreement on the above-mentioned non-essential elements, the court shall decide them according to the nature of the affair.

當事人 [dāngshìrén] /persons involved or implicated/party (to an affair)/
互相 [hùxiāng] /each other/mutually/mutual/
表示 [biǎoshì] /to express/to show/to express/
意思 [yìsī] /idea/opinion/meaning/
一致 [yīzhì] /unanimous/identical (views or opinions)/
者 [zhě] /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/
無論 [wúlùn] /no matter what|how/regardless of whether.../
其 [qí] /he/she/its
為 [wèi] /to make/
明示 [míngshì] /explicit expression/
或 [huò] /maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or/
默示 [mòshì] /implied expression/
契約 [qìyuē] /agreement/contract/
即 [jí] /right away/
成立 [chénglì] /establish/set up/
對於 [duìyú] /regarding/as far as (something) is concerned/with regards to/
必要 [bìyào] /necessary/essential/indispensable/required/
之 [zhī] /(literary equivalent of 的)/
點 [diǎn] /elements/
而 [ér] /but/
非 [fēi] /non-/not-/un-/
未經 [wèijīng] /not (yet)/
推定 [tuīdìng] /presumed/
關於 [guānyú] /pertaining to/concerning/regarding/with regards to/about/
該 [gāi] /that/the above-mentioned/
不一致 [bùyīzhì] /different/
時 [shí] /when/
法院 [fǎyuàn] /court of law/court/
應 [yìng] /shall/
依 [yī] /according to/
事件 [shìjiàn] /event/happening/incident/
性質 [xìngzhì] /nature/characteristic/

明示 explicit
默示 implicit/tacit declaration/