Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fair Trade Commission

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The duties of the FTC, as provided for under the Fair Trade Law, include the following:
(1) preparation and formulation of fair trade policy, laws and regulations;
(2) review of any fair trade matters related to this Law;
(3) investigation of activities of enterprises and economic conditions;
(4) investigation and disposition of any case violating this Law; and
(5) any other matters related to fair trade.

Laws and Regulations can be found
Guidelines can be found
Business guidance can be found
A list of selected FTC decisions can be found

The following is a list of other laws and regulations pertaining to Fair Trade Law:

The Banking Act of The Republic of China
The Financial Institutions Merger Act
Regulations Governing Securities Firms
Taiwan Securities Association Assessment and Auditing Procedures for Securities Underwriters Consigned to Prepare Underwriter Assessment Reports for Offerings and Issuance of Securities by Issuers
Regulations Governing Securities Investment Consulting Enterprises
Regulations Governing Securities Investment Trust Enterprises