Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Contracts - Rescission

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第 255 條
Article 255   
If according to the nature of the contract or the expression of intent of the parties, the purpose of the contract can not be accomplished if not performed within the fixed period, and if one of the parties does not perform the contract within that period, the other party may rescind the contract without giving the notice specified in the preceding article.

依  [yī]  /according to/depend on/
契約  [qìyuē]  /agreement/contract/
之  [zhī]  /(literary equivalent of 的)/
性質  [xìngzhì]  /nature/characteristic/
或  [huò]  /or/
當事人  [dāngshìrén]  /persons involved or implicated/party (to an affair)/
意思表示  [yìsībiǎoshì]  /expressed intention/declaration of will/
非  [fēi]  /non-/not-/un-/
於  [yú]  /in/at/
一定  [yīdìng]  /certain/fixed/
時期  [shíqī]  /a period in time/period/time (interval)/phase/
為  [wéi]  /to make/
給付  [jǐfù]  /give/pay/performance/
不能  [bùnéng]  /cannot/must not/should not/
達  [dá]  /attain/achieve/reach/realize/
其  [qí]  /his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)/
目的  [mùdì]  /purpose/aim/goal/target/objective/
而  [ér]  /and/
之  [zhī]  /(literary equivalent of 的)/
一方  [yīfāng]  /one side/one party/
不  [bù]  /(negative prefix)/not/no/
按照  [ànzhào]  /according to/in accordance with/in the light of/on the basis of/
者  [zhě]  /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/
他方  [tāfāng]  /the other/
得  [dé]  /may/
前  [qián]  /before/in front/ago/former/previous/earlier/front/
條  [tiáo]  /article/
催告  [cuīgào]  /summon exhortation/give notice/
解除  [jiěchú]  /remove/relieve (someone of their duties)/