Monday, August 4, 2008

Contracts - Compensation for Damage

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第 213 條
Article 213   
Unless otherwise provided by the act or by the contract, a person who is bound to make compensation for an injury shall restore the injured party to the status quo before the injury.
If the restoration of the status quo ante shall be paid in money, interest shall be added from the time of the injury.
Under the circumstances of the first paragraph, the creditor may claim the necessary expenses for restoration instead of the restoration.

負  [fù]  /to bear/
損害賠償  [sǔnhàipéicháng]  /compensation for damages/
責任  [zérèn]  /responsibility/blame/duty/
者  [zhě]  /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/
除…外  [chú…wài]  /except/
法律  [fǎlü]  /law/
另  [lìng]  /other/another/separate/separately/
有  [yǒu]  /to have/there is/there are/to exist/to be/
規定  [guīdìng]  /to stipulate/
或  [huò]  /or/
契約  [qìyuē]  /agreement/contract/
訂定  [dìngdìng]  /to agree/to conclude/to draw up/
應  [yìng]  /shall/
回復  [huífù]  /to revert/
他方  [tāfāng]  /the other/
發生  [fāshēng]  /to happen/to occur/to take place/
前  [qián]  /before/in front/ago/former/previous/
之  [zhī]  /(literary equivalent of 的)/
原狀  [yuánzhuàng]  /former state/original state/original condition/
因  [yīn]  /cause/reason/because/
復原  [fùyuán]  /heal/recovery/restitution/reconstruction/
而  [ér]  /語氣詞,無義/
給付  [jǐfù]  /give/pay/performance/
金錢  [jīnqián]  /(n) money; currency/
自…時起  [zì…shí qǐ]  /from/
加  [jiā]  /to add/plus/
利息  [lìxi]  /(n) interest on money/
第一  [dìyī]  /first/No. 1 /
項  [xiàng]  /paragraph/
情形  [qíngxing]  /circumstances/situation/
債權人  [zhàiquánrén]  /creditor/
得  [dé]  /may/
請求  [qǐngqiú]  /request/
支付  [zhīfù]  /pay (money)/
所  [suǒ]  /語氣詞,無義/
必要  [bìyào]  /necessary/essential/indispensable/required/
費用  [fèiyòng]  /cost/expenditure/expense/
以  [yǐ]  /to use/
代  [dài]  /substitute/replace/