Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up for week 4 of August

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Arbitration Laws and Associations

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The relevant laws pertaining to Arbitration can be found in the following sets of laws:

Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure
The Arbitration Law of ROC

The following are Arbitration Associations in Taiwan:

The Arbitration Association of the Republic of China
a.k.a. Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei (CAA)

(in Chinese and English)

Taiwan Construction Arbitration Association
(in Chinese)

Chinese Engineering Arbitration Association
(in Chinese)

This is a breakdown of the 
The Arbitration Law of ROC
Provisional Relief § 39           
Arbitration Agreement  § 1-4
Constitution of Arbitral Tribunal  § 5-17
Arbitral Proceedings  § 18-36
Enforcement of Arbitral Award  § 37-39
Revocation of the Arbitral Award  § 40-43
Settlement and Mediation  § 44-46
Foreign Arbitral Award (recognition)  § 47-51

Portions pertaining to foreigners of the 
Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure
Juristiction Article § 1/2
Capacity § 46
Litigation Aid § 108
Service of Process § 128/145/149/152
Stay of Litigation Proceedings § 182-2
Translation § 203
Evidence § 283/289/295
Expert Testimony § 340
Documentary Evidence § 356
Judgements § 402
Mediation Proceedings § 406

Friday, August 29, 2008

Arbitration Conference

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Announcement here.

2008 International Arbitration Conference in Taipei: Mediation, Arbitration and Recent Developments

Hosted by

Arbitration Association of the Republic of China (AAROC)


Asian Center for WTO & International Health Law and Policy, College of Law, National Taiwan University (ACWH)

November 21, 2008, Taipei

Venue: Conference Room of CAA

Session I: Theory and Development of Mediation in Asia and Elsewhere

Session II: Institution Mediation, Ad Hoc Mediation and Their Relations with Arbitration

Session III : Mediations for Different Kinds of Disputes, such as IPR, Government Contract, Construction, Labor Disputes, etc.

Session IV: Recent Development of the New Your Convention 

Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet Resources for Studies on Mainland China and Cross-Strait Relations

The Internet Resources for Studies on Mainland China and Cross-Strait Relations is a comprehensive list of links to websites containing information about this issue.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

China Issues Periodical Feeds

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This is a comprehensive list of articles from many of the major periodicals that have to do with China or Mainland affairs, it is maintained by the Mainland Affairs Council and is updated the 15th of every month.

You can find it here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Directory of China Study Institutions and Libraries

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The Directory of China Study Institutions and Libraries contains comprehensive information about institutions that provide China Study opportunities in the ROC.  

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekly wrap-up August week 3

Here it is.....

Cross-Strait Information Network
Mainland Affairs Information Research Center
Straits Exchange Foundation
List of Periodicals
Local Government Websites
The Courts of the R.O.C.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cross-Strait Information Network

The Cross-Straits Information Network (兩岸知識庫) is an online database containing information regarding cross-strait issues. 

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mainland Affairs Information Research Center

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The Mainland Affairs Information Research Center is a great resource for cross-strait relation studies.

They have:
Over 30,000 books on Mainland China and cross-strait relations studies
Some 400 local and international periodicals - (More than 200 titles from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao)
60 plus local and foreign newspapers - (More than 40 titles from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao)

Located at:
18FL., 2-2, CHI-NAN RD., SEC. 1,
Telephone : (02) 2397-5589 Ex.246-248

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Straits Exchange Foundation

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The Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) (海峽交流基金會) is an organization set up by the ROC government to handle matters with the PRC. It is funded by the government and under the control of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan.

The Straits Exchange Foundation website can be found here:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

List of Periodicals

The following is a list of Taiwanese periodicals pertaining to law.
A more detailed list can be found on this website here.

National Taiwan University Law Journal
Chengchi Law Review
Soochow Law Review
Taipei University Law Review
Tunghai University Law Review
National Chung Chen University Law Journal
Technology Law Review
The Taiwan Ocean Law Review
Chung Hsing Law Review
Hsuan Chuang Law Journal
Cheng Kung Law Review
NCCU Intellectual Property Review
The Military Law Journal
Intellectual Property Rights
Fair Trade Quarterly
Taipei Bar Journal
Insurance Monograph
Insurance Issues and Practices
The Judicial Reform Magazine
Taiwan Bar Journal
Theory and Policy
Journal of Judges Association
The Taiwan Law Review
Taiwan Jurist
Cross-Strait Law Review
Law Forum
Ft Law Review
The Law Monthly
China Law Journal
The Taiwan Law Review
Chas Yang Law Review
Taiwan Law Journal
Taipei Bar Journal
Kaohsiung Bar Association Monthly
Cantral Police University Law Review
Journal of Judges Association
Tunghai University Law Review
Taipei University Law Review
Fu Jen Law Review
Law Forum
Legal History Review
Hwa Kang Law Review
Chung Hua Law Studies
Taiwan International Law Quarterly
Hsuan Chuang Law Journal
Shih Hsin Law Review
National University of Kaohsiung Law Journal
Tsing Hua Journal of Law and Technology Policy
Taiwan Journal of Law and Technology Policy
Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy
Academia Sinica Law Journal
Chihlee Law Review
Soochow The Graduate School Law Review
The Annals of the Chinese Society of International Law
Voice of Law
Law Affairs
Law & Society
Fu Jen Studies : College of Law
Tungai University Law Review
Life Laws
Law and You
Property and Economic Law Journal
Criminal Law Journal
Science and Technology Law Review
Judicial Weekly
Taiwan Prosecutor Review

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Local Government Websites

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Courts of the R.O.C.

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High and Supreme Courts

The Supreme Court of the R.O.C.

Taiwan High Court

Taiwan High Court Taichung Branch Court

Taiwan High Court Tainan Branch Court

Taiwan High Court Kaohsiung Branch Court

Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch Court

Fujian High Court Kinmen Branch Court

District Courts

Taiwan Taibei District Court

Taiwan Shihlin District Court

Taiwan Banciao District Court

Taiwan Taoyuan District Court

Taiwan Hsinchu District Court

Taiwan Miaoli District Court

Taiwan Taicheng District Court

Taiwan Nantou District Court

Taiwan Changhua District Court

Taiwan Yunlin District Court

Taiwan Chiayi District Court

Taiwan Tainan District Court

Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court

Taiwan Pingtung District Court

Taiwan Taitung District Court

Taiwan Hualien District Court

Taiwan Yilan District Court

Taiwan Keelung District Court

Taiwan Penghu District Court

Fujian Kinmen District Court

Administrative Courts

The Supreme Administrative Court

Taibei High Administrative Court

Taichung High Administrative Court

Kaohsiung High Administrative Court

Commission on the Disciplinary Sanctions of Functionaries

Links at

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up August week 2

Here is the wrap up for week 2 of August

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Criminal Investigation Bureau

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) is responsible for

1.the planning, supervision and assessment of crime prevention.
2.the planning, supervision and assessment of crime detection.
3.the planning, supervision and assessment of hooligns control.
4.the planning, supervision and assessment of violation of judicial police affairs and social order maintenance laws.
5.the planning, supervision and conducting of criminal identification; examiation of evidence.
6.the planning, supervision and utilization of criminal records.
7.the communication and coordination of international criminal affairs; detection of international criminal case.
8.the planning, purchase and maintenance of the equipment for criminal investigation and identification.
9.the supervision, education of criminal investigation police; public relations and service.
10.the collection, transmission and utilization of criminal information; the planning, supervision of wiretape.
11.collecting, comparing and identifying ten prints and latent prints.
12.the anatomination, examination of forensic DNA pathology.
13.the research and development of forensic science.
14.the research, planning, developing and processing of criminal information systems.
15.the plan, coordination and communication of INTERPOL RADIO.
16.the command, report and control of criminal cases; coordination with other institutes.
17.rendering assistance to the investigation of major crimes.
18.the planning, supervision and implementation of bomb prevention; the assistance in inspecting bomb scene.
19.other related matters concerning the supervision of criminal investigation police.

Chinese/English vocabulary for criminal matters can be found here.
Links to police agencies can be found here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Justices of the Constitutional Court

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) has officially agreed to index the "Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy(AJWH)" into its database.

Announcement on the National Taiwan University website.

Announcement on the Asian Center of WTO & International Health Law and Policy website

It is well known that the evaluation criteria for journals to be indexed in the SSCI are extremely stringent, with an average rejection rate of 9 out of 10 journals submitted. Therefore, with AJWH being indexed, your hard work and dedication has paid off, and this is a monumental achievement. - Gary Liang of Thompson Reuters.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Legal Aid Foundation

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In July 1999, the National Judicial Reform Conference approved the agenda to promote the creation of a legal aid system in Taiwan.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Theses and Dissertations

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Find theses and dissertations here:

Some Schools:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Law School Libraries

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The following is a list of links to the libraries associated with schools with law schools.  Almost all searches for law books are through the main library of the school.

Táiwān Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì Jì Fǎlüxué Yánjiūsuǒ

Zhōngzhèng Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì Jì Yánjiūsuǒ 

Zhōngguó Wénhuà Dàxué Fǎxuéyuàn

Guófáng Guǎnlǐ Xuéyuàn Fǎlüxì 

Fǔrén Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì

Xuánzàng Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì

Zhèngzhì Dàxué Fǎxuéyuàn

Qīnghuá Dàxué Kējì Fǎlü Yánjiūsuǒ

Dōngwú Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì Jì Fǎlü Yánjiūsuǒ

Kāinán Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì

Zhōngyāng Jǐngchá Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì

Shìxīn Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì

Dōnghǎi Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì

Míngchuán Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì

Táiběi Dàxué Fǎxuéxì

Jiāotōng Dàxué Kējì Fǎlü Yánjiūsuǒ

Zhēnlǐ Dàxué Cáijīng Fǎlüxuéxì

Táiwān Hǎiyáng Dàxué Hǎiyáng Fǎlü Yánjiūsuǒ

Zhōngyuán Dàxué Cáijīng Fǎlüxuéxì

Zhōngxīng Dàxué Cáijīng Fǎlüxì

Jìngyí Dàxué Fǎlüxì

Yàzhōu Dàxué Cáijīng Fǎlüxuéxì

Dàojiāng Kējì Jì Guǎnlǐ Xuéyuàn Cáijīng Fǎlüxì

Chénggōng Dàxué Fǎlüxuéxì Jì Fǎlüxué Yánjiūsuǒ

Gāoxióng Dàxué Fǎxuéyuàn

Dōnghuá Dàxué Cáijīng Fǎlü Yánjiūsuǒ

Chóngyòu Qǐyèguǎnlǐ Zhuānkē Xuéxiào Cáijīng Fǎlükē

Qiáoguāng Jìshù Xuéyuàn Cáijīng Fǎlüxì