Thursday, December 11, 2008

J.Y. Interpretation 645 - Repeat

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On July 11, the Justices of the Constitutional Court issued interpretation number 645.

The issue is with the following:

公投法中立法院有公投提案權違憲? 公投審議委員的任命規定違憲?
Is the right given to the Legislative Yuan [MS: Article 16] to raise proposals according to the Referendum Act unconstitutional? Are the appointment and nomination regulations [MS: Article 35] set forth in the Referendum Act unconstitutional?

You can read the rest of the interpretation (Chinese) here. Translation coming soon.

The news release for Interpretation 645 can be found
here. (Chinese)
許玉秀's report concurring in part and dissenting in part can be found here. (Chinese)
彭鳳至's dissenting opinion can be found here. (Chinese)