Friday, December 5, 2008

Contracts - Performance and Non-performance II

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第 220 條
Article 220
The debtor shall be responsible for his acts, whether intentional or negligent.
The extent of responsibility for one's negligence varies with the particular nature of the affair; but such responsibility shall be lessened, if the affair is not intended to procure interests to the debtor.

債務人 [zhàiwùrén] /debtor/
就 [jiù] /for/
其 [qí] /his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)/
故意 [gùyì] /deliberately/on purpose/
或 [huò] /or/
過失 [guòshī] /neglegent/
之 [zhī] /(literary equivalent of 的)/
行為 [xíngwéi] /action/conduct/behavior/activity/
應 [yìng] /shall/
負責任 [fùzérèn] /responsibility for/
責任 [zérèn] /responsibility/blame/duty/
依 [yī] /according to/
事件 [shìjiàn] /event/happening/incident/
特性 [tèxìng] /property/characteristic/
而 [ér] /語氣詞,無義/
有 [yǒu] /to have/there is/there are/to exist/to be/
輕重 [qīngzhòng] /degree/
如 [rú] /if/
非 [fēi] /non-/not-/un-/
予以 [yúyǐ] /to give/
利益 [lìyì] /benefit/(in someone`s) interest/
者 [zhě] /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/
從 [cóng] /from/obey/observe/follow/
酌定 [zhuódìng] /make a decision as one thinks fit/decide according to one's judgment/