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Contracts - Acceptance and Revocation of an Acceptance VI

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Acceptance and Revocation of an Acceptance 6

第 162 條
Article 162
If a notice of withdrawing an offer arrives after the arrival of the offer itself, though it should usually arrive before or simultaneously with the arrival of the offer within a reasonable time by its transmitting manner, and this might be known to the other party, the other party so notified should notify the offerer immediately of such delay.
If such other party delays the notice specified in the preceding paragraph, the notice of withdrawing the offer shall be deemed to have arrived without delay.

撤回 [chèhuí] /withdraw/
要約 [yàoyuē] /offer/
之 [zhī] /(literary equivalent of 的)/
通知 [tōngzhī] /notify/inform/notice/notification/
其 [qí] /his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)/
到達 [dàodá] /to reach/to arrive/
在 [zài] /at/in/
之後 [zhīhòu] /after(wards)/following/later/after/
而 [ér] /語氣詞,無義/
按 [àn] /according to/
傳達 [chuándá] /convey/
方法 [fāngfǎ] /method/way/means/
通常 [tōngcháng] /regular/usual/ordinary/normal/
相當 [xiāngdāng] /appropriate/considerably/to a certain extent/fairly/
時期 [shíqī] /a period in time/period/time (interval)/phase/
內 [nèi] /within/
應 [yìng] /shall/
先時 [xiānshí] /early/in advance/first/
或 [huò] /or/
同時 [tóngshí] /at the same time/simultaneously/
情形 [qíngxing] /circumstances/situation/
為 [wéi] /被/
相對人 [xiāngduìrén] /the concerned person/
可得 [kědé] /can/may/able to/certain(ly)/might/
知 [zhī] /to know/to be aware/
者 [zhě] /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/
向 [xiàng] /towards/to/
即 [jí] /right away/immediately/
發 [fā] /to send out/to issue/
遲到 [chídào] /to arrive late/
怠於 [dàiyú] /idle/lazy/negligent/careless/
前 [qián] /before/in front/former/previous/earlier/front/
項 [xiàng] /paragraph/
視為 [shìwéi] /(v) deem/see as/regard as/
未 [wèi] /not yet/did not/have not/not/