Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Constitution - Sovereignty and Welfare II

Republican Philosophy:
Article 2 of the Constitution states:
第 2 條
Article 2
The sovereignty of the Republic of China shall reside in the whole body of citizens.

中華民國 [Zhōnghuámínguó] /Republic of China/
之 [zhī] /(literary equivalent of 的)/
主權 [zhǔquán] /sovereignty/
屬於 [shǔyú] /be classified as/to belong to/to be part of/
國民 [guómín] /national/nation/national people/
全體 [quántǐ] /all/entire/

Article 2 further enunciates the republican philosophy adopted by Taiwan.

Social Welfare:
Article 142 of the Constitution states:
第 142 條
Article 142
National economy shall be based on the Principle of People’ s Livelihood and shall seek to effect equalization of land ownership and restriction of private capital in order to attain a well-balanced sufficiency in national wealth and people's livelihood.

國民 [guómín] /national/
經濟 [jīngjì] /economy/economic/
應 [yìng] /shall/
以 [yǐ] /according to/so as to/in order to/by/
民生主義 [mínshēngzhǔyì] /principle of people`s livelihood/people`s welfare/
為 [wéi] /是/is/
基本 [jīběn] /basic/fundamental/main/
原則 [yuánzé] /principle/
實施 [shíshī] /to implement/to carry out/
平均 [píngjūn] /average/
地權 [dìquán] /land ownership/land rights/
節制 [jiézhì] /temperance/
資本 [zīběn] /capital (as in capitalism)/
謀 [móu] /to plan/seek/scheme/intend to/
國計 [guójì] /national wealth/national economic condition/
之 [zhī] /(literary equivalent of 的)/
均 [jūn] /equal/even/uniform/each/
足 [zú] /to be sufficient/

Taiwan is not considered a welfare state, but certain social welfare rights are guaranteed by the government.