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Contracts - Capacity 3

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Capacity 3
Here is the final installment of capacity as relating to the Civil Code:

第 77 條
Article 77   
The making or receiving of an expression of intent of a person who is limited in capacity to make juridical acts must be approved by his guardian, except when the expression of intent relates to the pure acquisition of a legal advantage, or to the necessaries of life according to his age and status.

限制行為能力人  [xiànzhì xíngwéi nénglìrén]  /a person who has limited juridical capacity /
為  [wéi]  /to make/
意思表示  [yìsībiǎoshì]  /expressed intention/declaration of will/
及  [jí]  /and/
受  [shòu]  /to receive/
應  [yīng]  /must/
得  [dé]  /to get/to obtain/
法定代理人  [fǎdìng dàilǐrén]  /lawful agent/lawful guardian/
之  [zhī]  /(literary equivalent of 的)/
允許  [yǔnxǔ]  /to permit/to allow/
但  [dàn]  /but/yet/however/only/
純  [chún]  /pure/simple//genuine/
獲  [huò]  /to obtain/to acquire/
法律上  [fǎlüshàng]  /legal/de jure/
利益  [lìyì]  /benefit/(in someone`s) interest/
或  [huò]  /or/
依  [yī]  /according to/depend on/near to/
其  [qí]  /his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)/
年齡  [niánlíng]  /(a person`s) age/
身份  [shēnfèn]  /identity/status/
日常  [rìcháng]  /daily/everyday/
生活  [shēnghuó]  /life/activity/
所  [suǒ]  /語氣詞,無義/
必需  [bìxū]  /essential/indispensable/
者  [zhě]  /-ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)/
不在此限 [bùzàicǐxiàn]  /shall not be subject to this restriction/

The following are common law terms you may encounter in the Civil Code:
不在此限  /shall not be subject to this restriction/
第 26 條
Article 26   
Within the limits prescribed by acts and regulations, a juridical person is capable of enjoy rights and assume duties with the exception of those rights and obligations which are exclusively appertaining to natural persons.

不可抗力  /force majeure/
第 645 條
Article 645   
The carrier is not entitled to the freight of goods which arc lost by force majeure during transportation. Whatever has been received for that purpose shall be returned.

依下列規定  /pursuant to the following regulations/
第 875-2 條
Article 875- 2
If a mortgage is created on multiple real properties for the purpose of securing the same claim, the amount to be apportioned toward the claim from each of the mortgaged properties shall be calculated as follows:

準用  /shall apply, where appropriate, to/ 
第 895 條
Article 895   
The provisions of Article 878 shall apply mutatis mutandis to pledges of personal property.